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Founded in 1968 by John Clark, Terry Hall and Gerald Jennings


The Movers and the Shakers - The Early Pioneers List

Those who are no longer with us:-

Anthony Evans B.Sc  Anthony Evans B.Sc in 1966 at Nottingham show Founder and Editor of PetFish monthly

Hilary Guneratne   Importer and owner of Fonthill Aquaria  London and Columbo

R.P.L.(Bob) Straughan  Founder and Editor of Saltwater Aquarium magazine Florida

Graham Cox     SeAquariums Croydon and Slough

Jack Stillwell  FBAS  Portsmouth Aquarists Society

Frank Stone Frank Stone of Hampstead c 2000*** FBAS   Hampstead Aquarists Society member and petshop owner

Tommy & Mrs Horeman  Founder and GM of Tachbrook Tropicals London

David Taffler,   Importer  Edgware

Still here:(2015)

Dr Neville Carrington   Founder and GM of Interpet Co.  Surrey  Dr.J.N.Carrington of Interpet

Elliot Hannay and Graham  Fishcatchers and Exporters. Grenada / Australia https://fathomoz.wordpress.com/tag/eliot-hannay/

Ron Shunk Exporter.  Grenada / Guam ?

Ken Ken Pratley of GSLS Bournemouth and Perth, Australia in 1966 & Pam Pratley     Researchers. Royal Veterinary College London Bournemouth and latterly Perth, Australia

*** A footnote to this entry. Frank Stone started out a major disbeliever that marines could ever be kept successfully in small home aquaria, and cast serious doubts on the credibility of those who proposed such things. Ultimately he landed up putting a large marine tank on full display in his Tooting pet shop and selling Kraken products.

The Founders:

John Clark Terry Hall  Gerald Jennings Gerald Jennings

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Kraken product range and stockists of Marina  in 1969

Kraken synthetic and artificial seawater formulae and seawaters

The formulae for Marina synthetic seawaters have now been published and can be viewed at http://www.seawaters.org

Further reading and later developments :



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