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Founded in 1968 by John Clark, Terry Hall and Gerald Jennings

Fade to Fonthill - Hillness

Advertisement in the Aquarist and Pondkeeper - June 1968

Advertisement from Seaqueens exporters (Hilary Guneratne ) in Columbo Sri Lanka

Before Hilary Guneratne's business moved to the U.K.

Advertisement in the Aquarist and Pondkeeper - October 1969

Advertisement from Fonthill Aquaria October 1969. Note sole agency for Marina 69C seasalt by Kraken

Advertisement in PetFish - November 1969

Kraken worldwide

Hilary Guneratne's Fonthill Aquaria took over the marketing of Kraken's most popular products ***and was also involved in the Hillness Research Foundation -based in London and Malta as was Gerald Jennings who became Hillness's Research Director .

Hillness documentation   Further Hillness Documentation

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Fonthill Aquaria and the marine
biological supply house, Kraken, and its Marina brand of pioneering products for
marine aquarists and laboratories

Kraken product range and stockists of Marina  in 1969

Kraken synthetic and artificial seawater formulae and seawaters

The formulae for Marina synthetic seawaters have now been published and can be viewed at http://www.seawaters.org

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