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Founded in 1968 by John Clark, Terry Hall and Gerald Jennings

The Full Product Range in 1969/70

Marina 69C Synthetic seawater in 5 pack sizes from 2.75 gallons to 55 gallons.(250 litres) One of the most accurately formatted synthetic seawaters ever to be offered for sale. The formula has since been published

Marina M70 Synthetic seawater in 22 gallon (100 litre) packs. High class specialist seawaters replicating individual oceanic areas

Q-Water a specifically prepared water for use in quarantining diseased marine fishes using a quarantine tank. Active medications included  contained Sulphanilamide and Quinine salts plus other formulations where used

Marina No.1  An anti-Oodinium remedy This formulation was the most successful ever developed at this time. The basic active ingredients are listed on this website

Marina No.2  For marine Whitespot Cryptocaryon irritans

Marina No.3  General Bactericide

Marina No.4  Natural system bactericide

Marina No.5  Fungicide    Based on Parachlorophenoxyethanol

Marina No.6  MarinaBlue  A methylene blue based preparation for marine aquaria

CupriMarin No.7  Copper based / Zinc modified Quarantine medication unsuitable for invertebrates

Marina No.8  Actinoremedy  Based on Parachlorophenoxyethanol

Beginners Guide 20 page starter pamphlet, later to be published as Keeping Marines

Marina Trace Trace element top-up solutions

Marina SG Filters in a range of sizes. Air powered using a modified version of the Halvin airlift power chamber. Later models used the Marina power chamber

Marina pH   pH buffering and correcting solution. Borate/Carbonate/bicarbonate based compound

Marina Seaweed Fertilizer The formula has since been published


MarinAlg Test Kit  Tests for nitrates and phosphates

Mediamarin 1, 2, and 3 Three types of base media specifically formulated for marine systems.1. Based on a blend including coral sand. 2. Based on a blend including crushed dolomite. 3 Based on a blend including crushed oyster shell. Sold in 5 pack sizes

Marina Test kits for: Nitrates, Nitrites, Phosphates, Ammonia, Sulphides, Phenol, Silicate, pH Senior

Kraken's showroom opens in 1969

By March 1970:-

Marina Products advertisement by Kraken in 1970

Kraken product range and stockists of Marina  in 1969

Kraken synthetic and artificial seawater formulae and seawaters

The formulae for Marina synthetic seawaters have now been published and can be viewed at http://www.seawaters.org

Further reading and later developments :



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